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No matter what charge you face, we are here to help. At The Kim Firm, LLC we have a great depth of experience and insight into every aspect of the criminal justice system. We offer personal legal counsel that is focused on identifying the best course of action that would most benefit our clients. Every case is unique, and deserves to be reviewed by our legal team.

There could be errors, flaws and failures by law enforcement, investigators, labs, false reports from witnesses or a wide variety of issues that could be very productive for the defense. We know how to analyze a case and how to develop a compelling response that can make room for reasonable doubt, and if you are facing criminal charges of any nature, we urge you to contact an Atlanta criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Areas of Practice

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Breath & Blood Tests
If you are facing DUI charges then this information pertains to you! Learn more about the legal procedures concerning breath and blood tests and how you can challenge the results. Several factors can lead to invalid BAC readings. So contact an attorney as soon as possible and fight your test results.

Domestic Violence
Sometimes arguments among spouses, couples, or other family members escalate into violence and the police may be called. Charges of domestic violence can result in severe consequences, such as restraining orders that keep you away from your kids or even jail time. It is imperative to retain effective legal counsel to protect your rights and ensure your side of the story is heard.

Drug Crimes
Georgia lawmakers have passed statutes that allow for heavy penalties in drug crime cases. If you are facing charges of possession, transportation, distribution, manufacturing, or are accused of illegal activities involving anabolic steroids or are facing charges involving a federal drug crime, you need to act quickly.

When facing charges of alcohol or drug intoxication, you need to act quickly. These cases can move through the system rapidly, and an attorney can seek to have your charges lessened or dropped completely to help guard your freedom and ability to drive. We provide defense counsel in a wide range of DUI charges, including vehicular manslaughter, as well as addressing issues regarding license suspension.

Hate Crimes
Arrest for an alleged hate crime can occur after physical or verbal assault, vandalism, or any other offense that is directed at another person because of a specific personal quality, such as race, gender, or ethnicity. The penalties for this crime can be very harsh and could affect your career, and freedom if convicted.

Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of another person, done either through recklessness or negligence, or as the result of provocation of some kind. This crime can result in decades of imprisonment, which is why you need powerful representation to fight these charges and protect your freedom.

When a person is unlawfully killed through malice and without provocation, the offender is charged with murder. This crime is the most serious that can be committed in the state of Georgia, but a powerful defense lawyer can protect your rights and seek to have your charges reduced.

Probation Violation
After serving time behind bars, you are then released on probation and are allowed to live out the remainder of your sentence as a member in the community. This privilege however can be taken away if you violate any of the terms of your probation. If you have been found in violation of your probation, we urge you to consult with a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Sex Crimes
There is extreme danger to any person accused of committing a sex crime. If you or a loved one has been accused of committing rape, charged with sex with a minor, sexual assault, solicitation, molestation or an internet sex crime, the penalties imposed in a conviction are extremely harsh, including the requirement to be registered as a sex offender.

Theft Crimes
There is a range of theft crimes with varying penalties. Whether you are facing misdemeanor shoplifting charges, or are accused of committing burglary, robbery, grand theft auto or other theft crime, the quality and experience of your Atlanta criminal attorney is the most significant factor in the final outcome of the case.

Traffic Offenses
Criminal traffic offenses such as cases of reckless driving, vehicular manslaughter, racing or others can have permanent damage to your future should you be convicted. Cases in which an injury or accident was involved include heavy penalties in a conviction.

Violent Crimes
The penalties imposed in violent crimes are exceptionally harsh, and it is imperative that you do all you can to fight back and gain any possible advantage. These charges can be made against someone who uses or threatens physical force against another. With the aggressive representation of a skilled attorney, you may be able to have your charges reduced or dropped.

Weapon Charges
You could be charged with a weapons offense in a variety of situations, including using a weapon, illegally selling or transporting weapons, or even pointing or aiming a weapon at another person. The potential penalties are strict, so it is important to enlist knowledgeable representation to protect your rights.

White Collar Crimes
Financial crimes are often termed “white collar crimes” and charges are often filed in federal court. Any criminal accusations involving financial crimes, including embezzlement, extortion, RICO crimes, racketeering, conspiracy, fraud, identification fraud, mortgage fraud, money laundering or others must be addressed by a qualified legal professional with extensive experience in both state and federal court.

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